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About the game

L2 - the cult MMORPG game, which has been known in the CIS countries since 2003. At the moment the game is over 15 years old, and its popularity is only increasing. Due to the high level of influx of new players, the game is periodically updated with new patches and updates. Currently installed new chronicles Lineage 2 Orfen .

About Server

On rpg-club the server versions of High Five and Ertheia . Since we are not the creators of the game, we use the versions that we were able to bring with our own hands up to 100% compliance and remove all the bugs.

Game Character

When entering the world, the ruler meets its character creation menu players. If in 2003 orcs, gnomes, humans, as well as light and dark elves were provided, then now two more new classes are available - Artei and Kamael , which are also divided. on male and female gender.

During the passage of the chain of quests, three changes of profession will be available, getting three subclasses, one dualclass and rebirth.

Game World

RPG World 2 is a huge mainland with adjacent islands, which hosts nine large cities, each of which has many different locations for pumping, caves with raid bosses, catacombs, Pvp Arena , forts and more.

The player in RPG 2 has access to temporary zones in which there are simple and epic bosses, killing which you can get valuable items in the form of armor, jewelry, weapons, and other supplies.


The game has several directions where players can fight, for example: pvp, pk, duels, great olympiad, siege and territorial wars . In addition to cities, l2 players can fight in any places, thereby earning pc and pvp points . Clans can also declare war on each other.


For people who want to escape from pumping and war can always be engaged in collecting, crafting (making weapons and armor), fishing and the market . The game has plenty of different directions aimed at having a good time.

Social component

There are trade, global and heroic chats in the game . A lot of attention is paid to communication in the RPG 2, especially for large clans , guilds, parties and alliances . Without social interaction, the game becomes much more difficult and hardcore. For such a long time of life, a large number of people met in the game, almost every player found new friends for himself, and especially lucky ones were able to meet even the second half.

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