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To play on the server Federation [x15] you need High Five game client.
You can download it on our site >>>
Make sure you use the right client - High Five.
Be careful!

Chronicle High Five
Start date 19 November 2012
Server rates EXP/SP: amount х15
Adena/Seal Stones: amount х15
Drop: chance х10, amount ~х3 **
Spoil: chance х10, amount ~х3 **
Quests - items drop: amount х5
Quests - rewards: EXP х5, Adena х5
RB drop: chance х5, amount х1
Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х5

** The amount is multiplied when the drop chance exceeds 100%, a multiple of the excesses, the average is indicated. Only resources and consumables!

Premium Account VIP - Additional box + Special Proxy + Additional Bonuses (489 RUR/month).

Additional Bonuses:
+100% EXP/SP/Drop/Spoil/Adena
+100% Fame Points to alive characters (100% to dead characters, no penatly) in standard pvp-zones (Castle, Fortress, CWH sieges)
PA Points gain
NPC-Buffer: buff duration increased to 120 minutes, HP, MP and CP recovery debuff duration reduced to 60 seconds
Server currency RUR (1 RUR = 0.03$)
Professions 1st and 2nd class changes may be bought from special NPC at following prices:
1 class change - 500 000 adena or 50 RUR
2 class change - 3 000 000 adena or 300 RUR
Buffer Standard Newbie Guide/Helper available till 85 level.
There is a buffer interface available in the ingame shop providing effects with 60 minutes (PA subscription - 120 minutes) duration: Details >>>
Buffer interface also has the option to fully restore HP, MP and CP that adds a debuff decreasing speed and making the character invisible for mobs for
- 120 seconds
- 60 seconds - for PA subscription
Buff remains per entrance to instanced zones (except Grand Olympiad).
Attention! NPC-buffer does not provide buffs for pets.
Changes in Raid and Epic Bosses mechanics - Antharas, Valakas and Baium respawn time is set to 17:00 - 18:00 UTC
Antharas, Valakas - 11 days
Baium - 7 days

- In the following Epic-bosses locations permanent PvP-zones are active:
Antharas (heart, lair)
Valakas (heart, lair)

- When killing any RB in the game, quest Medals are added to all participants (added after a certain period of time, appear in the inventory upon relog), which can be exchanged for various rewards in the in-game store.

- Coin of Boss item added to the RBs drop list, which can be exchanged for various rewards in the in-game store.
Details >>>
Сhanges in Grand Olympiad mechanics - Class matches - open for participation during the first week of Grand Olympiad period (1 - 7 days of month).
- Interclass matches - open for participation during the whole Grand Olympiad period.
- Group matches - open for participation during the first week of Grand Olympiad period (1 - 7 days of month).
- On all servers there's no warning about 120 seconds till match start. Character gets a single message about the match starting soon. The immediate countdown begins 5 seconds before the start of the competition.
- A restriction has been introduced on all servers, in which the system does not allow two characters loaded from the same HWID to participate in Grand Olympiad matches against each other.
Sieges and TW - Territory wards are automatically returned to the respective Castles at the beginning of each TW.
- Dead characters in standard pvp-zones (castle, fortress, CH sieges) acquire 50% of Fame Points.
Offline-trade Available as an item in Ingame Shop.
We remind you that everyone will be able to use browser trade bot.
Bot uses MS Silverlight technology, you need Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox version 46.0.1 internet browser to run it.
Wash function PCs are removed in the game through an item in the GM shop or by quest
Karma (> 10000, reset to 10000) in the account -> teleport section (with conditions: more than an hour offline, 300 RUR, once a day)

РПГ Клуб

Лайэйдж2 РПГКлуб RPG Server about server HighFive 🚒 New World servers Federation x15 Classic PTS L2 server

RPG L2 high five beleth Lineage 2 clan crest

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  • 02 KingMast3r
  • 03 zzMaDaMzz
  • 04 AJIBEHA
  • 05 sonex
  • 06 Pensa
  • 07 SickMind
  • 08 miner
  • 09 OtsampaPe8ane
  • 10 LeoDaVinchi

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