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To play on the server Evolution [x1] you need Ertheia game client.
You can download it on our site >>>
Make sure you use the right client - Ertheia.
Be careful!

Launch date and time 11 September 2017 17:00 (UTC)
Chronicle The Epic Tales of Aden – Episode 01: Dimensional Strangers – Ertheia
Game Files You can download Ertheia game client(.torrent) on our website >>>

You can also obtain the client through RPG-Club Updater (you can download it here >>>)
Place the Updater files into the folder where you want Ertheia client installed, run Updater under administrator profile, вchoose respective chronicles then run Full Check.
Updater will download and install all necessary game files.
Account Registration Evolution [x1] server uses the main RPG-Club account database.
You may use any previously registered account to play or create a new one >>>.
Server rates Adena/EXP/SP: amount х1
Drop: chance х1, amount х1
Spoil: chance х1, amount х1
Quest items: amount х1
Quest rewards: EXP х1, adena х1
RB drop: chance х1, amount х1
Epic Drop: chance х1, amount х1, adena х1.
Premium account VIP - Extra box + Special Proxy + Additional bonuses (489 RUR/month)
Ingame Shop Includes premium consumables (as on off servers), decorative items (hats, agathions).
Class changes No buyable class changes.
Buffer Default NPC buffer up to 85 level.
Offline trade Unavailable.
We remind you that Ertheia chronicles features Auction House.
Box limit 3 boxes at start.
Additional boxes will be available for a fee through the CP on site (payment from the account).
Restriction will be removed when server load is decreased.
Donations before the server start Available.
You can pay for items in IG shop on Evolution [x1] server directly from your account balance.
Characters pre-creation Unavailable.
Start of major game events Olympiad – 1 October 2017
Ceremony of Chaos – 2 October 2017
Sieges – 1 November 2017
CH Sieges - 5-6 October 2017
CH Auction - 5-6 October 2017
Autoloot None.

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