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High Five client is required to play on the MadZzZ [x1000] server.
You can download it on our website >>>
Make sure that you are using the client of the necessary chronicles - High Five.
Be careful!

Due to the large number of innovations updating the client using the updater is a must for the correct game on the server!
ATTENTION! Here is a unique PvP server designed for the category of players who know the game and appreciate the 100% TCP assembly High Five.
The main gameplay of the server is designed for a long game, rivalry in development and active participation in daily events .

What to do?
From 18 days to 00 nights Moscow time, passes every 30 minutes on the server author events .
You can see a detailed schedule of events here >> >
In between events, you can collect parties and go hunting for RB (for all RBs above LVL 56, LVL is raised to 85 and a valuable drop is added: sharpening!)
Well and of course campaigns on epics! After all, the respawn time of all epics has been reduced to 24 hours!
100% official platform High Five [NOT JAVA]
Full authentic gameplay.
Fixes of all known bugs.
Server Ratings Adena: x1000
Experience / SP: x1000
Drop: x30
Spoil: x20
Quests - Drop Items: x5
Quests - rewards: x20 adena x20 exp
RB Drop: x1
Epic Drop: x1

Premium Account bonuses:
+100% Drop/Spoil/Adena
+100% Fame Points to alive characters (100% to dead characters, no penatly) in standard pvp-zones (castle, fortress, CH sieges)
Starter Kit Details here> >>
Golden Hero Chest (No Grade - S Grade outfit for your class)
Exchange coupon for S84 Nostalgia Sets
S84 Weapon Exchange Coupon
Exchange coupon for National Hero Jewelry
Items for Vitality Restoration
Solo Kamaloku Tickets
Feathers of Self-Resurrection
Special Soul and Spirit Charges No Grade - S Grade

... as well as many other bonuses that accelerate and facilitate the development of a new character.
Server Currency
Tubrick (1 Tubrick=1 rub)
Platinum (can be purchased for 9 PvP Tags or 30 PC Tags, used to purchase special PvP items)
Timestamp (accrued for every 20 minutes of being in the game)
Methods for obtaining Tubriks
Participation in events >>>
Participation in the ongoing creative competition LLN >>>
LoA Farm Zone
Kratei's Cube Farm Zone >>>
Purchasing in the game store for Aden + Timestamps
Game store (NPS Obsollent)
Buying items - available (for Adena - up to S80, for server currency - up to S84)
Buying epic jewelry - available for server currency
Buying professions - available for free
Buying Nobless status - available for server currency
NPS-Buffer (NPS Obsollent)
Located in all cities, as well as clan halls and castles
Includes all buffs, songs and dances
Memorizes up to three individual profiles with a total of 36 buffs
Chamber of horros >>>
Monster [mini-event] >>>
Treasure [mini-event] >>>

Gameplay changes
Newly created characters start game at level 66 at Hunters Village
In Antrahas Lair location there is a permanent PvP-zone with Tybriks drop
Item Mana Potion has a reuse delay of 30 seconds.
All game Raid Bosses above level 56 raised to the level of 85, as well as improved their basic stats and loot.
When killing any RB in the game, quest Medals are added to all participants (added after a certain period of time, appear in the inventory upon relog), which can be exchanged for various rewards in the in-game store.
Coin of Boss item added to all RB drop list, which can be exchanged for various rewards in the in-game store.
Respawn time of all Epic Raid Bosses reduced to 24 ± 1 hours, unique items drop rate is reduced accordingly.
Class matches are held only in the first week of the Grand Olympiad.
Team matches are held only in the second week of the Grand Olympiad.
Interclass matches are held in the last two weeks of the Grand Olympiad.
The mechanics of Grand Olympiad system messages is changed: total count for 120 seconds before the match is off.
Number of Olympiad tokens received for victory and defeat in battle is increased.
BSOE skill does not work in the flagged condition: it concerns the use of any items, but does not affect similar skills of the respective classes.
Increased limit Adena in inventor (instead of 99 999 999 999 now 999 999 999 999)
Ingame shops changes
Removed maximum bid limit for the CH auction Items Broker, increased the minimum bid and service price for CH
S-Grade enchants for manor crops are added to all Castles
Added the ability to purchase S84 equipment for Olympiad tokens
Extended assortment of shopping for knight epaulettes in Fortresses
Extended assortment of shopping for Teeritory Badges
Extended assortment of shopping for Fantasy Island Coin
Significantly increased the number of Adena to buy enchants for Wonderous Cube quest

РПГ Клуб

Лайэйдж2 РПГКлуб Lineage 2 about server HF Part5 👑 L2 Servers Mad PVP x1000 Classic PTS Lineage 2 interlude

RPG Lineage 2 xp farming Lineage 2 interlude x10

  • 01 Usagi
  • 02 Fr0sT
  • 03 CorteZ
  • 04 Chunya
  • 05 Суслик
  • 06 CaHcei
  • 07 Fru1ty
  • 08 RuNi
  • 09 GranDz
  • 10 Shadee

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