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DotA 2 is an independent game, made from a well-known mod for Warcraft III DotA . In the game, all characters are immediately available to you, and they do not need to be unlocked for game currency, as many MOVA games do.

The game store and the things that you are given for winning the game, change only the appearance of the character, and does not affect its characteristics in general. The game is true to the tradition of the predecessor, and did not change the basic mechanics of the game: there are 2 bases in the game, to which 3 lines go, on the field there are 10 people fighting 5x5, the passage to the base is blocked by the towers that do not allow our Creep Allies to go straight, and at the same time our enemies interfere with us forever. The characters basically have only 4 skills that are either active or passive, so teamwork is part and parcel of the game that will quickly lead you to victory.

Pros :
+ the game is true to its predecessor,
+ a wide variety of heroes,
+ you can choose any hero and not buy it,
+ pleasant atmospheric graphics.
Minuses :
- lack of a logical plot,
- the game is moderately optimized,
- Looks like its competitors,
- limited access to the game.


HeroesLAND - a project using Flash technologies with Heroes of Might and Magic III graphics. The game is completely free. Fans of Heroes 3 will be pleased, as the game copies the graphics and part of the gameplay from the original with great accuracy. This is a free MMORPG in a magical world with turn-based battles.

There are 3 factions in the game to choose from, each with 3 races, each race has 16 heroes. You have to fight on a huge map against a variety of enemies, both monsters and other players. You can create a clan, participate in tournaments, seize possession and besiege castles. Those who were fans of the original will see their favorite game with a bunch of new features.

The developers do not sit back and constantly update their offspring, adding something new to the game.

Novus Aeterno

Novus Aeterno - is a 3D science fiction MMORTS from Taitale Studios . Players can explore a vast, seamless universe, enter into alliances with other players, and participate in real-time PvP and PvE battles.

Game Features.

Five Races

Choose from five Humans, Azsendi, Verunas, Acaean, and Cauldron Born races.

Huge Universe

Explore the seamless universe of Novus Aeterno, and discover the storyline of the game.

Crew and Ship

Command and improve your team, and upgrade your ships to strengthen your empire.


Join forces with other players.

Empires and Challenges

Build your empire in an open galaxy by colonizing and protecting the planets, or test your tactics on a separate PvP map with other players.

World of Speed ??

World of Speed ??is an arcade MMO race developed by Slightly Mad. From the famous games developed by this studio, you can select Need for Speed: Shift and Project CARS .

At this point in the game, you can ride through three cities in the world: Moscow, London, Monaco. The game is primarily a multiplayer project and you will need to work in a team with other players to perform joint tasks. For example, according to the condition of one of the game modes, one of the players of the team should not get hurt and the other party member is required to protect him not only from obstacles on the road, but also from the players of the opposing team. The overall reward of the team depends on the quality of the task. As in the single-player Need for Speed: Shift there will be an opportunity to tune (modify) the car. The game will be distributed through the payment system Free to Play without a game store in the game will not do. According to the developers, all products from the store are exclusively customization and do not give any advantage in the game.

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